We provides complete software development lifecycle services, as well as care for systems after implementation. Our services encompass project management, software design, software development, quality assurance, documentation, and support.

Our range of specialist software design and development services include :

E-Commerce - dedicated Web Development team, providing e-Commerce and e-Business software solutions. We provides full web application development, integration between web and legacy systems, and development of portals.

Specialty Applications - design, development and integration of specialized software solutions to address the unique needs of organizations.

For web based development, we offer the choice of .NET, Java or Oracle. Consequently we are proficient in building distributed web applications utilizing tiered architectures and technologies such as COM+, Java, XML, XSL, MTS and MSMQ.

With the current explosion of e-commerce based solutions, we are well positioned to furnish you with specialized inter/intranet based solutions. Our solutions can be provided in either the Unix or Windows NT/2000 environments.

Specialty Applications share some of the skill sets used in web based development. We combine the COM+ architecture with VB,, VB.NET, C#, C/C++ and Java to develop component based software applications.

Our Enterprise Applications development team focuses on application specific architectures and technologies. The skills from our Enterprise Application team can be used or combined with skills from our other technology streams for the purpose of systems integration.

Packaged IT systems, for instance, sometimes lack the special functionality an organization needs. We can customize solutions and backfill gaps to provide the best possible functionality for your operations. We can modify legacy systems to meet current needs - such as integrating standalone applications, customizing reports in line with new reporting requirements and modifying systems to meet government regulations. And we can provide solutions that ensure you capitalize on new technological advances.



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