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Line 1 When the DLL is entered initially, a dcoument is created which sets the inside frame to be the whole page. AddFirstPage over-rides these defaults so long as nothing has already been added to the document. In this example both a header and a footer are created. An artificially wide right margin is specifed in order to demonstrate how the report is pslit across more than one page.

Line 2 An ADO data source is accessed

Line 3 And a connection established

Line 4 A particular table is selected from the database

Line 5 A new report is commenced. At this stage it contains no columns
Line 6 The field definitions for Table1 are used to set up the headers for as many columns as there are fields.

Line 7 The definition for the ID column is changed so that the count option is used to determine the number of rows in each category.

Line 8 The Age columns is modified so that averages are calculated

Line 9 The Age column is modified to define a specific two digit format

Lines 10 - 15 These lines add further modifications to the Salary column which over-ride the defaults crerated in ReportHeaders.

Line 16 Sets the flag so that lines are drawn around the whole report table

Line 17 The column Type is used to group rows together and lines are drawn under the data in each group, before the totals are shown.

Line 18 Lines are drawn after the totals and vertical lines are drawn between each column.

Line 19 So far the format and layout of the report have been defined. Now the contents are printed using these specifications by RecordsetReport. The column widths are determined by the widths of the actual data in the recordset.

Line 20 Finally, the document is complete and, by default, EndDocument displays the result in the preview window, allowing the user to review it or print it as desired.

See the result for this sample
See the code to generate this sample


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