Add easily print preview capabilities to

your Visual Basic, Delphi, .NET, Foxpro, PowerCobol, C++ applications.

Do you find it hard to preview output from your Visual Basic application before it is actually printed?

Do you know how to let the user of your application choose where to print the output?

Do you need assistance in producing complex documents and tables from your Visual Basic application?

If so, then PrintPreview is the solution for you.

Based on the experience of the highly successful PrintPreview 4.3, this is an entirely new implementation offering a frame-based approach and considerably enhanced graphic and text formatting facilities.

The aim of PrintPreview is to simplify the task of writing Visual Basic applications where the support from the standard package is limited. PrintPreview not only provides a wide range of formatting facilities which help in the creation of high quality output, but it also enables the end user to preview the output before printing and to choose where the document is printed.

PrintPreview is easily incorporated into your application and getting started is really simple

See some screenshots below :

Key benefits

With the PrintPreview, you can replace your printer object in all your code with this great enhancement to VB.

You will be able to :

  • You can preview your printed text on the screen.
  • Use Print Preview in Office (Excel, Outlook, Access...).
  • Use Print Preview in .NET in VB.NET and C#.
  • Want a Preview in Powercobol, Foxpro, Delphi, C++, Powerbuilder? Use the Print Preview.
  • You can save your preview to RTF, PDF, XML, JPG, GIF, BMP, HTML, Text...
  • Create easy reports.
  • Define your reports using the frame system.
  • You can configure and preview tables.
  • Preview & Print of all types of Barcode.
  • You can zoom/unzoom the pages (like in the Word).
  • You can preview 2 pages at one time.
  • You can of course print the text.
  • You can save the text in a structured file in XML format.
  • You can reload saved preview.
  • Print Preview support 16 languages for the whole interface.
  • You can load text file and preview them.
  • Import easily Excel files.
  • Copy the preview to the clipboard.
  • When you double click on the page number, you can go directly to a specified page.
  • Load, preview and print bitmaps at any position.
  • Make report based on data provided by you through APIs.
  • Preview in1 line Grid, DBGrid, Flexgrid.
  • Customize the toolbar of the Preview.
  • Possibility to use styles to format the text in the simplest way of use.
  • Automatic alignment to left, center, right.
  • Help file with a lot of samples.
  • You can create a report based on a database and a query, The Print Preview will do all for you.
  • Enhanced graphics possibilities : CheckBox, RadioButton, ellipse, rounded rect...
  • Word Wrap and enhanced formatting capabilities for long lines.
  • Works with Chinese, Hebrew, Arab... character set.
  • Improved interface with great features.
  • You can set the zoom directly in your application.
  • You can setup the user interface to interact with your user.
  • You can add rotated text with any angle you want.
  • The Print Preview looks like Internet Explorer.
  • Added a custom button - now you can add your own code behind this button's event.
  • Set the tooltips of the custom button.
  • You can make use of bullets and all drawing system.
  • Preview of PictureBox directly from memory, instead of using files.
  • Configure the icon in the status bar.
  • Show or hide the arrows button.
  • Preview of RTF files.
  • Export your Preview to RTF.
  • Support for the MouseWheel.
  • Print Watermark in the background.
  • RightToLeft support for Hebrew & Arab.
  • PreviewForm to preview easily your VB Forms.
  • Possibility to justify easily your text.
  • Debugging output of your Preview.
  • New tabular report possibilities.
  • Facilities for output of block text added.
  • Text processing (parametric substitution).
  • Choose the color of the watermark.
  • Revised Help File.
  • New Introduction of PrintPreview with examples.
  • ... Many other features

Download Print Preview

Download Full Print Preview install

Pricing and availability

If you use it and want to register it, it will cost to you only $99


When you register the very nice About screen that is displayed each time you start will disappear, the About buttons will become hidden, and you can print more than one page.

Tell me what you like, w
hat you don't like, and for that matter, if you think the tool is worth a $99 shareware fee.
If you prefer to send directly fee by postal mail, you can send it payable in US funds, or the equivalent

your in local currency to the following address:

----- Waty Thierry
----- Rue des fabriques, 1
----- 6747 Saint Léger
----- Belgium
Mail :

If you are using Credit Card, you can do the registration online and secure on the Internet here

Register in English
Register in French
Register in Spanish
Register in German

Download Print Preview

Download Full Print Preview install 



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