Limitations of unregistered version

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Although the functionality of the unregistered version is not crippled in any way, there are two limitations that you should be aware of :

  • Every time you initialize Print Preview you will get an About dialog box displayed.

  • You will also be unable to print more than one page.


When you register these restrictions will be removed.


When you register the Print Preview, you will receive a mail like this :


Dear Mandix customer,


Thank you very much for purchasing Print Preview 5.8

You will find your personal license key in this email.

Your license details are the following :

Name                  : Waty Thierry

EMail                 :

You registered        : Print Preview 5.8

Number of license(s) : 1

License key           : 1234-XXXX-1234-1234


Make a call to the authorize function in the DLL like :

      Call INSERT_HERE_YOUR_VARIABLE.Authorize("Waty Thierry", "1234-XXXX-1234-1234")


Please make a backup of this e-mail to a floppy disk for future reference (i.e. : format, Windows reinstallation ...).


The latest release of Print Preview 5.8 can be downloaded from the following link:

You can submit any questions, suggestions and comments about Print Preview 5.8 on

Please let us know what you would like to see in future releases.

Yours sincerely,



E-Mail    :

Web site :


Your personal information submitted for registering remains confident and is never disclosed, sold, or distributed to any third parties at anytime.

It is strictly used for contact and update notification purposes only.



To register your Preview version, just make a call to the authorize method after the creation of your Preview :


    Set preview = New PrintPreview5.preview

    Call preview.Authorize("Waty Thierry", "1234-XXXX-1234-1234")


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