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For the sample program, just load it in your Visual Basic.
As with all ActiveX you must register Preview.dll before it can be used.  

The setup program will register the ActiveX for you.
However, if you move an ActiveX, you must re-register it in its new location.
You can do this with the Project menu in VB.
Select the Reference... menu item and then press the Browse... button to locate and register the ActiveX.

ActiveX have the file name extension .dll.

To add your Print Preview dll in your Visual Basic project, you add it to the Toolbox.. 

->>>>> To add the Print Preview to a projectís

  1.  On the Project menu, click References to display the References dialog box

  2.  Items listed in this dialog box include all registered insertable objects, designers, and ActiveX controls.

  3.  To add the Print Preview control to the Toolbox, click the Browse button, and locate the file "Preview.dll".

When you add The Print Preview ActiveX to the list of available ActiveX, Visual Basic automatically selects its check box in the Components dialog box.

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