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To add Print Preview to your Visual Basic project

  1. On the Project menu, click References to display the References dialog box.

  2. To add the Print Preview control to the toolbox, click the Browse button, and locate the file preview.dll, this is normally installed into C:\Program Files\Preview but depends on the options you selected during installation.

  3. When you add the Print Preview ActiveX DLL to the list of available ActiveX, Visual Basic automatically selects its check box in the Components dialog box.


To add Print Preview to your code


You need to define a variable using the WithEvents keyword in the general, declarations section of a form. You then need to create an instance of the control and you can then make reference to it. The example below can be pasted straight into an empty form.


Option Explicit

' *** Declare the variable so that it can receive events

Public WithEvents pvwMain As PrintPreview5.Preview

Private Sub Form_Load()

    ' *** Create an instance of the control

     Set pvwMain = New PrintPreview5.Preview

     ' *** Display the Print Preview About dialog


End Sub

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